Candidacy announcement

Dear Fellow Kansan:

Last week I officially declared my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Kansas 4th Congressional District.

While jobs get shipped overseas and families move away, out of touch Washington politicians like our current congressman, Mike Pompeo, spend their days playing political games, leading to gridlock and partisanship. The DC establishment is failing working Kansans.

Wichita has always been a breeding ground for entrepreneurship, but we haven’t experienced much of a recovery since the recession. Thanks to Brownback’s radical experiment and Mike Pompeo’s partnership that has led to gridlock, the regional economy lags behind our neighbors. Our stagnant economy is why young people are moving away. It’s why businesses leave. It’s why startups face a difficult climate.

Family has always been important to me. Growing up as the youngest of 11, I learned at a young age that things only get accomplished by working together. It taught me the value of hard work and dedication – values that have sadly been lost in DC.

Our Kansas values, the fortitude of our communities, and the way of life here make Kansas a great place to live and the best place to raise a family. Each time our district faces tragedy or challenge – whether fire, floods, severe weather, or violent crime – we come together and emerge stronger than ever. This is the spirit that so endears me to South Central Kansas.

I recently had the chance to speak to a group at a local coffee shop, and spoke to one lifelong Wichitan who was married and had raised five great kids. He was so proud of his grown children and their many accomplishments!  He told me that four out of his five children had long ago left Kansas for opportunities elsewhere. It makes me so sad to hear that – and reminds me once again why most of my brothers and sisters left Kansas.

How many of you have had a sibling, child, or grandchild move away from Kansas? It’s such a common narrative, one that is consistently ignored by our current representative.

Without a doubt, South Central Kansas is at a turning point.

I believe our best days are ahead and that with the right leadership and the right plan, we can grow our economy, create jobs, protect workers and ensure that our kids can achieve the American dream right here in Kansas.

We need to fight for working families. We have to stop harmful trade deals that push wages down. We need trade deals that work for Kansas, increase exports and protect jobs. We must focus on raising wages for hardworking Americans to benefit the economy and local business.

We must reform our tax code to make it fair, simpler, and better for small businesses and individuals alike. This will boost the economy and lead to major business growth, which helps all Kansans.

Every American community must have the chance at success. We must continue to fight against discrimination and work to uplift those who face the barriers of poverty. We only prosper as a society when every community has equal opportunity to achieve success with hard work and dedication.

We must work to bring energy jobs to our district. We have incredible potential for energy development. Between solar energy, wind energy, and fossil fuels, South Central Kansas has a bright future, but it will take investment and development.

We must fight to strengthen the aviation industry. Through community partnerships, tax credits, and research efforts, our region can continue to be the Air Capital of the World. Aircraft manufacturing can put our economy back on track and make our region successful again.

We must work to assure that Social Security is around for future generations of Americans.  I will fight against the privatization of Social Security and efforts to place it in the hands of Wall Street.

We must keep Medicare out of the hands of Wall Street, fight against privatization, and keep true to the promise of providing quality healthcare to our seniors.

We must address the problems with our health care system and fix the problems with runaway costs, high premiums and accessibility.  Too many insurance and pharmaceutical companies are raking in too much money, which has become a barrier for many Americans to quality health care.

Our community needs an effective leader who will stand up for hard working families and be the voice of everyday Kansans. If elected to represent you in Washington, I will work every day to put Kansas first. We must do this together, and not let party politics get in the way.

This campaign is about ideas, not affiliations or lobbyists. This campaign will take a lot of hard work and dedication. I’m going to need the support of people like you to be successful.

Together we will restore the middle class;

Together we will fight gridlock and special interest corruption in DC;

Together, we will bring back the promise of opportunity for every Kansan, no matter what their background;

Together, we will make sure that our kids have a bright future right here at HOME.

I thank you for your support, and look forward to serving you in Washington, DC.

Dan Giroux

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