Jobs in the Air Capital

Dear fellow Kansan,

If elected representatives have one job, it’s to help create jobs here at home. Our current congressman, Mike Pompeo, has failed. The aviation industry in our area has been dealt blow after blow. We’ve seen thousands of layoffs, small companies closing, and employers leaving Kansas. Over 16,000 local aviation jobs were lost during the recession and growth has remained stagnant. Outsourcing, supported by Mike Pompeo in his votes for bad trade deals, has been a constant drain on our local economy.

Future global aircraft market trends look good. Studies predict that over the next 20 years, there will be a global demand for 38,000 passenger planes. However, these jobs won’t come to our region without action from elected representatives. We must rise to fill this demand. This will require smart policies that create an innovation-friendly environment.

We need to convince aviation companies to relocate business here. Through smart private/public partnerships, we can attract additional aviation jobs to South Central Kansas. We also need to offer competitive incentives that would help grow the regional economy by keeping current employers here and attracting new ones.

Partnerships between our community and industry create a friendly climate for families and businesses alike. Vocational training programs and educational partnerships can prepare our workforce for increased demand and appeal to businesses looking for skilled employees. Creating important links between the aviation community and Kansas families strengthens our social fabric, ensures employment growth, and brings benefits to everybody.

Aircraft companies are developing new technologies every day that make air travel cheaper, safer, and more eco-friendly. The government has an important role in helping companies carry out cutting-edge research. I believe that by taking advantage of the resources we have here, we can encourage research and development in our region and create advanced, innovative jobs.

The aviation industry has been shrinking in South Central Kansas. We need innovative solutions to the problems we face, and I believe that we can capitalize on future global demand to create jobs and ensure we live up to our title as the Air Capital of the World. We need a leader in congress who will make regional job creation their top job. I’m running to put Kansas first and represent you.

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