Job Creation and Economic GrowthJob Creation

Creating jobs and boosting our economy is a top priority. As your congressman, I will work to revive the innovative spirit that historically defines our district. We must end tax breaks for outsourcers and put Kansas first. We need a roadmap for future growth that includes investment in roads and bridges, simplifying the tax code, and creating opportunity for innovation.

Fair TradeFair Trade

We must fight job-killing “free trade” agreements that ship American jobs overseas. Our state’s businesses and workers generate billions of dollars in exports, but unfair trade agreements destroy Kansas businesses, lower wages and force worker layoffs. We need agreements that are fair to American workers and American companies.

Fair PayFair Pay

Women currently earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. We must pass legislation that guarantees women equal pay for equal work. This is a key step for a fairer, more just society. We must raise the minimum wage to where it benefits the economy, empowers workers, and helps small businesses. Millions of Americans work full time, yet still live in poverty. Some big businesses are being subsidized by taxpayers as their low-wage employees are forced onto public assistance.

Make Higher Education More Affordable

It’s time to end predatory student loan practices and charge students a fair interest rate and make repayment of the loans less of a burden on those starting their career. Working families face rapidly increasing costs that deny their children a chance at a college education. Our children are our future, and increased access to education helps America win.

Guarantee Tax FairnessTax Fairness

All Americans should pay their fair share of taxes. Unfair tax loopholes that allow CEOs to pay a lower percentage in taxes than their secretaries must end. Sensible tax reform will protect the middle class and avoid punishing those who have built businesses that create jobs.

Social SecurityKeep the Promise of Social Security

The promise of Social Security has been kept by our nation for decades. We have paid into Social Security our entire lives, and this program has kept our aging parents and grandparents from falling into poverty. Congress must come together to address the solvency of Social Security before it is too late. We made a deal with our seniors and it’s our duty to honor that deal.

One Person, One Vote, not One Dollar, One VoteOne Person One Vote

The influence of dark money has created a corrupt political culture in which big money matters more than the people. It’s time to take the “For Sale” sign off our great American democracy.

Health Care AccessIncrease Access to Affordable Health Care

Our elected officials must stop attacking affordable health care and instead carry out bipartisan reforms that help both small businesses and patients. It is a moral duty to expand access to care for all Americans. Working families should never go bankrupt to pay for lifesaving care.

Immigration reformImmigration Reform

We are a nation of immigrants founded on the ideal of the American Dream. It’s time to pass comprehensive immigration reform, establish a pathway to citizenship for those living responsibly, and secure our borders once and for all to keep our country safe.

American ValuesOur American Values

The principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were written into the founding documents that guide our democracy. It is our American duty to uphold these values every day and ensure the end of all forms of discrimination.

Honor VeteransA Promise to Care for Our Veterans

We must end veteran homelessness, and provide treatment to those in need. Veterans Affairs medical facilities must be adequately staffed and funded to provide quality care for all veterans. It is our duty to respect and provide for those who have served our country with honor, dedication and bravery.

Foreign AffairsPrincipled Foreign Policy

The United States serves as a global beacon of liberty, democracy, and human rights. A responsible foreign policy must reinforce our American values through strong diplomacy, a strong economy, and a strong national defense.